Rapid Fix

A dual adhesive system that combines an instant adhesive with a welding powder: a perfect combination for repairing almost any material instantly.

  • Rapid Fix – Professional Adhesive
    Rapid Fix professional adhesive instantly bonds most materials: rubber, glass, copper, aluminium, steel and plastic.
  • Rapid Fix – Welding powder
    Rapid Fix welding powder is used to seal holes, repair cracks and even close gaps between two layers: used with the adhesive it produces a cold welded seam, making repairs even stronger.

Colla RapidfixThe Rapid Fix Dual Adhesive system is an effective tool for repairing a vast range of products:

  • It is indispensable for keeping in the front panel of your car or camper;
  • It bonds and repairs instantly;
  • Zero waiting time;
  • It does not dry out in the container;
  • A single product for almost all materials;
  • Rapid Fix can be filed, sanded, sharpened, perforated, threaded and painted;
  • Indispensable for workshops, body repair shops, tyre specialists and great for DIY.

Given its size and attractive graphics, it is easy to find a space on the sales counter of any hardware store or spare parts specialist for the handy 12-unit display case.
The master-pack contains 6 boxes or relevant multiples and targets wholesalers and distributors.