The Company

IN.CO. INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. was founded in 2001 and since then has been offering its clients all its long-standing experience, expertise and know-how. It has become a benchmark in the increasingly important recycling sector, thanks also to the evolutionary dynamics of the world of spare parts.

Particularly active in the automotive sector, IN.CO. INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. is constantly searching for articles and offers for professionals operating in the field. Some of the most important international showcases consider the company a consolidated benchmark in the presentation of solutions for the reconditioning of mechanical parts.

The electronics sector is becoming increasingly important for cars, commercial vehicles, lorries and buses that use the benefits it offers, and mechanical groups are increasingly assisted by it.

IN.CO. INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. is proud to offer a range of spare parts to support the repair/reconditioning of EPS systems, which is constantly being expanded, given the exponential use of these groups.

Thanks to our logistics department, which has grown and improved following our move to new offices in Galazzano, we are able to stock and easily handle both small spare parts and brand new assemblies, whether new or “cores”, which are traditionally bulky and difficult to deal with.

In terms of new spare parts, we usually have brand new assemblies (pumps – power steering racks – EPS) and “core” groups that have been chosen, due to their condition and quality, to represent or reintegrate stock that is indispensable for maintaining the rotation programme for the reconditioning sector.

Steering gears play a particularly important role and have changed from mechanical to hydraulic and even, in more modern versions, to electric/electronic.

Our warehouses guarantee prompt availability of spare parts and specific equipment for their reconditioning. Collaboration with specialist companies means that IN.CO can offer operational departments top-quality and conveniently-priced test benches, indispensable for checking the functioning of these groups.

Company personnel participate actively at all levels in order to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction. A great flexibility in analysing requests is supported by detailed and professional information, replies in real time and rapid management of shipments, in order to successfully achieve our final objective.